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Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida

Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida

Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida

top 10 most expensive homes in florida

Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida

The characteristics that define luxury real estate differ among countries.[1] However, the location largely defines the property’s value, especially with respect to whether it offers views (particularly, waterfront ones) or amenities such as proximity to golf courses, school districts, and the downtown district.[2] Thus, a 750-square-foot (70 m2) waterfront home with less than 1-acre (4,000 m2) of property might be worth more than a 10,000-square-foot (930 m2) mansion with 10 acres (40,000 m2) of property.

Luxury real estate is often defined as real property that has an appraised value of over $1 million in the United States, yet this varies greatly depending on the location. The classification also takes into account the presence of surrounding homes, amenities, views, waterfronts, absence of crime-rate, industrialization or unwanted commercialization, customizations of the home, and historical or architectural significance.

Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida

A mansion is a large dwelling house.

The word itself derives through Old French from the Latin word mansio “dwelling”, an abstract noun derived from the verb manere “to dwell”. The English word “manse” originally defined a property large enough for the parish priest to maintain himself, but a mansion is no longer self-sustaining in this way (compare a Roman or medieval villa). ‘Manor‘ comes from the same root—territorial holdings granted to a lord who would remain there—hence it is easy to see how the word ‘Mansion’ came to have its meaning.

Luxury may refer to:

  • Luxury goods, an economic good or service for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises
  • Luxury tax, tax on products not considered essential, such as expensive cars
  • Luxury tax (sports), surcharge put on the aggregate payroll of a sports team to the extent to which it exceeds a predetermined guideline level set by the league
  • Luxury vehicle, expensive automobiles
  • Luxury trains, expensive tourist trains
  • Luxury yacht, expensive privately owned, professionally crewed yacht
  • Luxury real estate, niche real estate market dealing with the highest economic group of property buyers
  • Luxury resort, exclusive vacation facilities
  • Luxury box, term for a special seating section in arenas, stadiums and other sports venues
  • Luxury magazine, magazines devoted to fine craft and luxury goods


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